Guidance on ECM CM2380 Shortage

Due to current supply channel constraints on production components, there is a shortage of CM2380 ECMs (PN 5491911/RX). To address this, CM2180 ECM (PN 5593869/RX) will be used in place of the CM2380 (PN 5491911/RX), where possible.

For all open orders, the distributor will need to review to determine if a CM2180 can be used in place of the CM2380. If so, distributors will then need to cancel their current open order for the CM2380 and place a new order for the CM2180.

The CM2380 was placed on Sales Status Code 71, special use part, effective 04 November 2020 for the manual control and release of future orders. All orders for CM2380 will now require additional engine information (ESN & CPL) going forward to ensure accuracy of application. These temporary actions will be in place until the supply channel for PN 5491911/RX ECM has recovered, which we estimate to be Q1 2021.

If there is a critical customer down order and the CM2180 is not suitable, COM will allow the order to be placed on the CM2380, but immediate shipment of the ECM may not be guaranteed depending on stock available.

Some applications will require a new calibration to allow for compatibility with CM2180 ECM PN 5593869/RX.  The release date of the new calibrations will be on 05 November 2020, available via QuickServe Online.

Basic ordering guidance:
  • If the ECM currently on the engine is a CM2180, it should be replaced with a CM2180 (PN 5593869/RX).
  • If the ECM currently on the engine is a CM2380, it should be replaced with a CM2380, (PN 5491911/RX).
  • If the engine is an ISL G Near Zero that have been upfitted with steel pistons it requires CM2380 (PN 5491911/RX).

Table of CPLs by ECM:

CPLs that must use CM2380
CPLs that can use CM2180s
Reference TSB170022 to identify the correct calibration code for ISL G CM2180 engines that have been upfit to steel pistons.