QuickServe Online to Parts.cummins.com Migration – Next Steps

On June 11th, we heard your voices regarding concerns with the parts.cummins.com migration. Because we deeply value your opinions and your continuous partnership, we wanted to share the steps we are taking to get ready for the next migration. In this spirit, we temporarily rolled back to the QuickServe Online parts catalog. This has allowed more time to adjust to the parts catalog on parts.cummins.com and provide further valuable feedback
Since this time, we have hosted 13 live training sessions, posted a recording of a session on the QSOL Parts Catalog Migration page, and collected hundreds of additional voices. Here is a summary of the top voices we heard, and the actions taken:

1.       2015 and later built engines not having options graphics is a huge challenge to identifying parts
  • We are analyzing if we can resume creation of option graphics. We are also working to create Dimension and System graphics that will be more specific than the current representative graphics. This discussion continues to evolve so watch for more information coming soon.
2.       Representative graphics are not helpful and cause greater confusion
  • We will be removing the representative graphics entirely and posting a new page in its place with steps to identify parts in the new system.
3.       Options and ESNs are missing content
  • All reported missing options and ESNs have been resolved.
4.       Searching for part numbers or descriptions within an ESN is critical
  • We are actively working to build this into the site and plan to have it delivered by end of August.
5.       Global searching by option number is often used
  • We are analyzing how to migrate this functionality into parts.cummins.com, but for the short term we are keeping this capability in QSOL.
6.       TSBs are hard to find
  • We are working to move the TSB link to the upper right beside the graphic on the individual part detail page where it will be easily visible with no extra actions.
7.       Backward supersessions are needed to identify the parts that can be used on our shelves
  • We are analyzing how to migrate this functionality into parts.cummins.com, but for the short term we are keeping this capability available in QSOL. To perform the supersession search, use the link below the ESN box on the left-hand side, just below Engine Model Search.
8.       Pick list export into CUMPAS is key
  • While we work towards having the pick list export be triggered from parts.cummins.com first, a walkthrough for how to get the export to work is available.
As we continue to make progress we will be posting updates to our Migration Status update page.  Check back often for the latest feature improvements and updates being implemented.  The next migration wave is targeted for Mid-September, so don't delay in familiarizing yourself with parts.cummins.com.
We are here to help. Communications, training materials, tips & tricks and FAQs can be found by clicking on the Parts Catalog Migration banner on QSOL.

We recognize the immense impact to you and appreciate all the feedback shared. Thank you for being our continued partner and working together to migrate into the next generation parts catalog.