Upcoming “Frequently Purchased Together” parts.cummins.com Functionality Release

Cummins is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.  Early in 2020 we developed the “Right Parts. Right Repair.” Guide | bulletin 5600424 as a tool to help parts counter personnel ask the right questions and identify customer needs up front so the customer could get their job done right the first time by offering the Right Parts for the Right Repair.

While the Right Parts. Right Repair. Guide was a good first step in helping educate and arm parts counter personnel with information on associated parts like gaskets, seals, hoses, or fastening hardware, the recommendations provided were just done at a part description level.  Our goal all along has been to provide part number level recommendations across Cummins product lines for parts frequently purchased together to provide best-in-class customer support and experience.

On November 4th we’re delivering on that promise and harnessing the Power of Cummins with the release of the “Frequently Purchased Together” tab on parts.cummins.com.  With this new feature, when users search for a part number on the site, they’ll be able to click on the “Frequently Purchased Together” tab and view additional parts to suggest in order to help customers get their job done right.

Details on this new functionality…

  • Parts list based on last 5 years of service data (best practice)
  • Parts must appear on a significant volume of work orders and be included with the main part the majority of the time to be shown – if not, the tab will not be present
  • Data will be updated regularly
  • Results displayed in descending order in terms of association %
  • Enter ESN or select engine model for most accurate recommendations
  • Users must be logged in (currently only available to DBU and employees – dealer roll-out scheduled for Nov 4th, 2020)
As part of the “Frequently Purchased Together” tab launch we’ll be releasing additional communications to support the adoption of the functionality. If you don’t already have one behind your parts counter, we encourage those selling Genuine Cummins parts to order the “Right Parts. Right Repair.” Guide | bulletin 5600424 as reference material for your parts employees.