Technical Updates

QSB4.5 CM2250 Calibration Update for Fault Code 358 - QSOL Reference: TSB200188. New calibrations are released with two new fault codes to replace Fault Code 358.

Diagnostics for Failed Urea Quality Sensor Root Cause for PACCAR chassis - QSOL Reference: TSB200189. Reference PACCAR TIB 43-061: Additional Diagnostics for Failed Urea Quality Sensor
(UQS) on PACCAR chassis

B6.7 CM2450 B155B Engine Introduction - QSOL Reference: TSB200193. This engine introduction announces the B6.7 CM2450 B155B engine, which complies with EPA 2013 Emissions Levels and 2021 Greenhouse Gas Requirements.

X15 CM2450 X134B Engine Introduction - QSOL Reference: TSB200192. This engine introduction announces the X15 CM2450 X134B engine.

Cabin Hoses Rupturing on Blue Bird Buses - QSOL Reference: TSB200198. Blue Bird® buses will present with an external coolant leak. Upon inspection, OEM cabin hoses are found ruptured. This is most prevalent with Blue Bird® customers who spend considerable time operating at highway speeds.

L9 CM2350 Engine Speed Instability in Super Products Vacuum Trucks during PTO Water Pump Operation - QSOL Reference: TSB200197. The updated ECM calibration contains a new engine speed governor tuning that can address the engine instability issue that is seen during PTO water pump operation. New ECM calibration codes are created for the vacuum trucks that were manufactured by Super Products® to solve the issue.

L9 CM2450 L126B Engine Introduction - QSOL Reference: TSB200190. This engine introduction announces the L9 CM2450 L126B engine.

New VGT Actuator Vented Coolant Drain Line Kits for ISL and L9 Engines - QSOL Reference: TSB200201. New engine coolant vent and turbocharger coolant drain lines released that features a coolant vent path between the turbocharger actuator and engine coolant vent line for Rosenbauer Fire Trucks.

B6.7 Water In the Fuel System and Corrosion on Fuel System Components - QSOL Reference: TSB200182. Water in the fuel systems will cause corrosion on fuel system components. This document outlines ways to identify corrosion on fuel system components and detect water in the fuel.