EGR Cooler Corrosion

Caused by Water, Cleaners and/or Soap Contaminants in Air Handling System

Products Affected
  • All products equipped with EGR Cooling System, specifically seen on X12 and X15.
  • Internal Coolant Loss that leads to EGR Cooler Failure
Root Cause
  • Water, cleaners, and/or soap are entering the air handling system when vehicles are washed, contaminating the EGR Cooler Piping on the gas side. This pitting corrosion can work its way through the corrugated cooling pipes causing coolant to leak inside the EGR Cooler.
  • Extra care should be taken to prevent any water, cleaners or soap from entering the air handling system.
  • Water can act as a transport agent to redeposit foreign contaminants such as road salt or other corrosive materials into the EGR Cooler.
  • Water used in wash process can contain elevated levels of Chlorides and thus, expedite pitting corrosion.
  • Cover the air intake during the wash process if air intake is exposed (Example below).
  • Soaps and power washing fluid contain chemicals known to contaminate EGR Cooler tubes, possibly leading to EGR Cooler leaks.
  • Avoid utilizing caustic cleaning solutions containing chlorides or fluorides during and after repair events.
  • Clean Care practices should always be used to assist in prevention of contaminates entering the system.
  • Reference Service Procedure Section 0 – Product – Group 00 – (99-000-009) for additional details.Reference Service Procedure Section 0 – Product – Group 00 – (99-000-009) for additional details.