N14 CM876 Upfit and Overhaul Opportunities

Due to the obsolescence of ECMC, the N14 CELECT PLUS (CPL2592 ONLY) platform will be replaced by the N14 CM876 N108B (CPL5658).

An upfit kit has been made available for customers running CPL2592 ONLY who need an ECMC replacement. Due to both technology and hardware changes between ECMC and CM876, this upfit requires changing the following parts: ECM, camshaft, camshaft gear, wiring harness, some sensors, gaskets, hardware, etc. All required parts are included in one box, part number 5581419RX. The kit requires the ECMC core to be returned per the standard core return process.

Reference the following documents for more detail about this offering:
  • TSB200138 - N14 CM876 N108B Upfit Kit
  • TSB200149 - Programmable Features and Parameters Translation Guide for N14 CELECT  Plus" to N14 CM876 N108B
  • 5414706 - Installation Bulletin
  • 5600659 - Promotional Marketing Bulletin - N14 Overhaul and CM876 Upfit Kit
Pricing Incentive with Overhauls

The upfit kit, which includes all parts required in 1 box, is priced at a 5-10% discount at List pricing when compared to an RX ECMC. To further benefit from this solution, we highly recommend promoting this upgrade during an N14 CPL 2592 Overhaul (Standard Liner Overhaul Kit = 4024880) and pairing it with the existing Cummins Heavy-Duty rebate program. When you combine the purchase of a N14 overhaul kit with cylinder heads** customers will save $400. If they spend $4,000 or $8,000 on top of the above purchase, they’ll save a total of $800 or $1,200 respectively. With a list price close to $3,000 the CM876 upfit kit can quickly add to reaching the higher rebate levels, saving your customer downtime and money as well as providing additional ECM life and avoiding issues with sourcing a replacement ECM in the future!


Please be mindful that a limited number of ratings are being launched with the N14 CM 876. Reference TSB200033 for detailed information regarding this change.

Adapting the CM876 to the N14 was a significant engineering effort requiring development of new calibrations for the CM876 to meet the needs of the N14 customer base. Some specialty features that were developed for the ECMC N14 could not be accommodated with this CM876 development.  Notable restrictions are as follows:
Engine Modification Process

Make special note that due to the CPL change, this upfit requires the Engine Modification Process to be followed. Dealers should contact their supporting distributor for assistance with reporting an engine modification.

Non-CPL 2592 ECM Solutions

Non CPL2592 ReCon engines will be obsoleted.

Please note that there are other solutions for ECMC replacement: Short Blocks, Long Blocks and the ECMC Factory Repair process are all available: contact your local Cummins Distributor and reference TSB180130 for more information.

Please share this information with any customers who continue to operate and repair N14 engines. By being proactive with the management of their ECM, customers can continue to get valuable life from these proven engines.

Cummins recommends that any customer performing an applicable N14 overhaul to seriously consider the ECM Upfit kit.