Heavy-Duty Truck On-Highway Overhaul Kits – Updates and Reminders

Genuine Cummins Overhauls for heavy-duty trucks powered by ISX, ISM, N14 and M11 engines have been and remain an important driver for the aftermarket parts and service business across our North American channel.  It is critical our channel clearly understand the following points:

1. Cummins Heavy-Duty Overhaul Rebate Program
a. This promotion does NOT apply to CLASSIC, PRO or ELITE kits for EPA 2010 – or newer 15L and
    12L engines.
b. These specific kit part numbers are NOT applicable for rebate:
i. (12L) 5579425, 5579439RX, 5579440RX, 5579441RX, 5579442RX,
ii. (15L) 5579450, 5579451, 5579452RX, 5579453RX,
iii. (15L) 5579454, 5579455, 5579456RX, 5579457RX, 5579458RX, 5579459RX
iv. (15L) 5579460, 5579461, 5579462RX, 5579463RX, 5579464RX, 5579465RX
v. (15L) 5579308, 5579309
c.    EPA 07 and older ISX engines ARE eligible for the rebate
i.    (12L-CM2250/CM2350) 4386023
ii.    (15L-CM2250/2350) 5473065, 5473066, 5473069, 5473070, 5473074, 5473075
iii.    (15L-CM570/870/871) 4376171, 4376172, 4376173, 4376174, 4376175, 4376176
d.   It is critical that distributors and dealers understand the rebate eligibility. The reason the rebate is
      not available for the ISX EPA 2010 and newer engines is because tiered CLASSIC, PRO and
      ELITE kits are available. The tiered overhaul kits provide better savings compared to the rebate
      program and are built into the price of the PRO and ELITE level kits. 
e.   All rebate requests should be sent to: NAdealer.rebate@cummins.com
f.    Program details are available here:

2. How to Find Overhaul Kit Part Numbers
a.   To quickly find the new ISX and other overhaul kit part numbers, use the Overhaul Kit Lookup Tool
b.   Or download the CPL reference guide on MART.cummins.com ISX Overhaul Kit - Part Number
      Reference by CPL - Bulletin #5600511 this document will soon be updated with MidRange overhaul
      kit part numbers.

3. Selling the CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE ISX (EPA 2010 EPA 2013 | CM2250 and CM2350) Overhaul
a.    The tiered CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE kits were designed to meet various customer needs. When
       selling an ISX Overhaul make sure to identify if a tiered kit is available for a particular ESN/CPL
       using the Overhaul Kit Lookup Tool on QSOL.
b.    If your customer needs a cylinder head with an overhaul, you should offer the PRO kit or upsell
       with the ELITE kit instead of selling them a CLASSIC kit + cylinder head. The cost of a CLASSIC
       + Cylinder head is nearly the same cost as the PRO kit. Purchasing the PRO kit will provide
       customers with a significantly discounted lube pump, water pump and fuel pump (short block)
       compared to purchasing all parts individually along with the confidence of a more comprehensive
       engine overhaul.
c.    Please share the details of this offering with any customers purchasing overhaul kits.  
d.    Marketing material for the new tiered overhaul kits and more is available via mart.cummins.com.
       Once there you can login using your QSOL credentials and search for ISX Overhaul. (Note: if you
       have issues with mart.cummins.com login you may need to try your previous QSOL password if
       you updated it recently, this is a known issue that we are in the process of remedying)
         i.  Available marketing material includes: Counter Mats, Customer Facing Brochures, Posters,
  and a video.

Thank you for your continued support and happy overhauling!