Username Reclaim Process to Improve Your Security

Cummins hosts and supports many online resources where logging in is required. To improve our security of your business and personal information, Cummins is launching a Username Reclaim process which will migrate your access into our new platform.  Users will be required to update their login credentials for continued access to Cummins online resources.

Although many users completed the Reclaim successfully, we did find many users struggled with our first Reclaim wave. The team is working tirelessly to resolve all reported concerns and will be readying to begin the next Reclaim wave once complete.

A few key points to highlight:
  • Once you start the Reclaim process, follow all the steps immediately back to back to avoid any conflicts with older sessions
  • The optimal browser to use is Chrome
  • The username and email boxes at the top are pre-populated but can be edited
  • Ensure the email address submitted on the Reclaim page is active and that you have access to the inbox for it
  • The link to set your password will be sent to the inbox via the submitted email address.
  • The email to set your password is only valid for 24 hours
  • If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, please contact us through or through the distributor emails below so another password email can be triggered
  • (East & Central regions)
  • (Gulf & South regions)
  • (Pacific & Rocky Mountain regions)
  • (Eastern & Western Canada regions)
  • Once you have set your password, logout of all open Cummins resources, clear all browser cookies, delete all pre-saved favorites, start in a fresh browser using the direct website URL and test the applications you originally used to be sure everything is working as expected.
Keep an eye for additional communications and read thoroughly. Cummins will reach out to you using the email tied to your username with timing when the Reclaim will kick-off for your location. More information about the Reclaim can be found at our external identity website.