Technical Updates

New Electric Lift Pump for C&L Engines - QSOL Reference: TSB200203. The new lift pumps (12V and 24V) provide a higher output pressure than the existing options.

Fault Code 6637 on Paccar Chassis With Horton Fan Controllers - QSOL Reference: TSB200210. Horton® fan controller (OEM part with firmware part number 230023) sends “Fan speed signal >100%” to engine control module (ECM) causing FC6637 to become active.

New Lead-Free Connecting Rod Bearings for C&L Engines - QSOL Reference: TSB200209. This document announces the release of new lead-free connecting rod bearings.

Rating Changes for EPA Model Year 2021 and Newer On-Highway Product - QSOL Reference: TSB200206. Rating change to EPA model year 2021 or newer on highway engines are not able to be made without OEM approval.

N14 CM876 N108B Insite Electronic Tool Communication Setup - QSOL Reference: TSB200213. This document provides the details for N14 CM876 N108B INSITE™ electronic service tool communication setup.