Genuine Cummins Spark Plugs – Natural Gas Engines

Not all spark plugs are created equal. Cummins Spark Plugs are an essential component
enabling genuine performance in Cummins natural gas engines. To drive awareness,
Cummins New and ReCon Parts has launched a new marketing campaign to enable
salespeople to communicate the genuine difference to end users, fleet owners and service providers.  

What’s the marketing campaign about?
When it comes to non-genuine spark plugs, there is no guarantee in quality, reliability and
engine fit. Cummins spark plugs are designed specifically for each model of Cummins natural
gas engines to ensure original equipment performance.

While customers may see an upfront cost savings, non-genuine spark plugs can lead to
expensive problems down the road. The purpose of this campaign is to outline the differences
between genuine and non-genuine plugs, the genuine advantage and the risks of using non-genuine spark plugs.

We encourage dealer sales teams to promote the use of genuine spark plugs to customers operating Cummins natural gas engines. Please use the marketing campaign material available here.

What marketing tools are included in the ‘Genuine Spark Plugs. Discover the Difference’ campaign?

(Bulletin 5600676, place orders for print on Cummins MART)
- Download or order this brochure from the MART and share with your customers operating Cummins natural gas engines.

Email a link of this video to your customers and ask them if they’d like to hear more about the benefits of genuine Cummins spark plugs. You can then setup a meeting with them to review the content of the Sales presentation below.

Sales Support Material:
This presentation can be used to convert customers from will-fit to genuine or to keep customers in the genuine channel.

Use this campaign to convey a powerful message to customers:
“Don’t let your business be disrupted. Downtime is expensive. Choose Genuine Cummins
Spark Plugs for reliability, quality, peace of mind and genuine Cummins performance.”