Technical Updates

Closed Crankcase Ventilation System Engine Lubricating Oil Carryover and Associated Turbocharger Lubricating Oil Leak - QSOL Reference: 5659915. This service bulletin applies to all engines equipped with closed crankcase ventilation system.

Midrange Engine Illegible Cylinder Block Engine Serial Number Stamping - QSOL Reference: TSB200218. Illegible ESN stamping on engine cylinder block. The sixth digit in the ESN is unreadable due to an issue with the stamping machine at the assembly plant.

X12 CM2450 X137B Engine Introduction - QSOL Reference: TSB200220. This engine introduction announces the X12 CM2450 X137B engine.

Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) SPN520225/FMI 19 Fault Following Engine Calibration Download on
PACCARâ„¢ Chassis - QSOL Reference: TSB200222. Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) SPN520225/FMI 19 Fault immediately following engine control module (ECM) calibration download on a PACCARâ„¢ chassis.

Release of Thermal Recirculation Valve with Integrated Check Valve - QSOL Reference: TSB200219.
The new TRV has an integrated check valve which will help reduce air circulation within the fuel system on X15 CM2350 X114B and X15 CM2350 X116B engines.

ISX, QSX and X15 Main Bearing Kit Selection - QSOL Reference: TSB200221. Proliferation of cylinder blocks and crankshafts introduces unique thrust bearings and need for additional main bearing kits.

ISLG and ISX12G Fault Code 3531 and 3532 With Updated Engine Control Module Calibration Code - QSOL Reference: TSB200235. Unexpected fault codes log after engine control module (ECM) calibration code update.

Engine Control Module CM2380 Shortage - QSOL Reference: TSB200224. In the event a customer down order is placed, the order will be reviewed to see if a CM2180 ECM, Part Number 5593869/RX, can be used in place of the CM2380, Part Number 5491911/RX. Additional engine information may be needed when placing an order for a CM2380 ECM, Part Number 5491911/RX.