Guidanz Mobile: Fast Track Repairs
Cummins Guidanz Users,

We are pleased to introduce Fast Track Repair, an exciting new feature in Guidanz™ Mobile for a quicker identification of the solution right at the intake. Simply connect to the engine using the INLINE Mini or INLINE 7 adapter, initiate Guidanz Mobile, and view the results. If Guidanz Mobile detects a Fast Track Repair opportunity, it will notify the Service Advisor via a banner at the top of the Guidanz Mobile immediate assessment screen. Once the Service Advisor clicks on the banner, it will direct them to what component is malfunctioning. The Service Advisor will know immediately if the engine can be sent straight to the repair bay, skipping any additional diagnostics, saving valuable customer wait time  and speeding up repair velocity. Once complete with Guidanz™ Mobile and a Fast Track Repair opportunity is identified, finish the Intake steps within Guidanz™ Web. 
There are GSQ’s (Global Standard Quote) available for the Fast Track Repair job plans, further speeding up the process.

Fast Track Repair feature in Guidanz™ Mobile is just the first step in the overall Fast Track Repair process that will be rolling out soon!

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